Lyric Translations
00000 Thursday 13 December 2018 @ 2:51 pm

So, I added a new section to the site! Lyric translations are now up and running for Japanese songs. I’m still learning so the translations aren’t perfect, but I’m using it as a way to practice and expand my vocabulary. So, if you see any weird mistakes, please let me know!

♥ Brittany

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new layout!
00000 Wednesday 31 January 2018 @ 7:31 pm

Been a long time but here I am back with a new layout!! I’ve updated the portfolio a bit, too, and will continue to work on that. I may work n adding other content, maybe? And work on some fanlistings? I don’t know. I’m left with a lot of downtime since graduating college so I’m at a loss for what to do. Might pour a lot of that energy into this website. We’ll see but for now enjoy the new layout 😀

♥ Brittany

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00000 Thursday 26 May 2016 @ 1:36 am

I’ve decided that I feel more comfortable with my recovery blog located elsewhere, so to view that please direct yourselves to blog.hidama.net. This site will continue to be a hub of updates on the websites in the network, as well as the home of content such as my portfolio (being updated daily, about half of it is complete) and other things I’ll put up. This site will serve more as a directory and a nostalgia dump than anything else, which is a big part of my own recovery and progress in growth. So, yeah, for the recovery stuff please visit my blog and for everything else, feel free to browse around here.

Everything is a mess because I’m still working things out :)))

♥ Brittany

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New Layout + Still Under Construction
00000 Sunday 22 May 2016 @ 10:49 pm

The layout is finished but I still need to update the CSS and fix some things here and there. Content is still yet to be added, as have my decisions for what to actually do with this site still yet to be 100% decided.

That said, I’ve applied for some fanlistings to get a little fandom part of the network started back up since I lost all of my previous ones. It’s not much, but it’s a start to get me back into the routine of web design.

Layout looks a bit wonky because my laptop isn’t really cooperative with my version of Photoshop but it’ll do.

Details to come later.

♥ Brittany

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00000 Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 10:25 pm

After 4 long years, the Falling Star Network is being completely revamped.  All old websites and content have been purged, including subdomains. The reason for this is that I have decided to take on an entirely new project and use hidama.net as its home.

From now on, hidama.net will be a recovery log and a hub for positivity where I will write letters of encouragement to myself, post about things that make me happy, such as personal photos, activities, and etc. New projects may arise in the form of sub-sites, and my social media will be tied in to this, as well. My aim for this website is for it to be less of a website for the enjoyment of others, and more of a personal space of my own. My goal is to use it as an outlet of positivity, to create something to help me in times when I can’t help myself. Artwork, words of encouragement, positive affirmations, playlists, whatever I feel I need to help me through hard times will all be here. Comments will be turned off because that’s not the purpose of this space. This is a safe space and I intend to keep it as such.

For now, please don’t mind the mess, this site is as much of a work in progress as I am.

♥ Brittany

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Name: Shallows
Features: Serah from FFXIII-2
Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Notepad
Fonts: Felix Titling, Distant Shore, Century Gothic
Lyrics: Daughter- Shallows
Comments: I've been wanting to make a layout of Serah for a while, and these lyrics are some of my all-time favorite, so I just... put them together. I'm very out of practice in Photoshop and I want to change that but who knows. I made some star fields, messed around with brush settings, colors, blending, etc. it's pretty standard fare of what I usually do, if a bit rusty in comparison. I just needed a fresh start for the new year and a creative outlet to help me cope with things, so this was the result. I'm pretty happy with it.

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