00000 Thursday 31 March 2016 @ 10:25 pm

After 4 long years, the Falling Star Network is being completely revamped.  All old websites and content have been purged, including subdomains. The reason for this is that I have decided to take on an entirely new project and use as its home.

From now on, will be a recovery log and a hub for positivity where I will write letters of encouragement to myself, post about things that make me happy, such as personal photos, activities, and etc. New projects may arise in the form of sub-sites, and my social media will be tied in to this, as well. My aim for this website is for it to be less of a website for the enjoyment of others, and more of a personal space of my own. My goal is to use it as an outlet of positivity, to create something to help me in times when I can’t help myself. Artwork, words of encouragement, positive affirmations, playlists, whatever I feel I need to help me through hard times will all be here. Comments will be turned off because that’s not the purpose of this space. This is a safe space and I intend to keep it as such.

For now, please don’t mind the mess, this site is as much of a work in progress as I am.

♥ Brittany

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