Hidama.net was originally purchased by me in 2007, for which it lasted one year. in 2011, I decided to grab the name again and have maintained it since. Hidama is the Japanese word for “meteor” or “falling star” and has always been one of my favorite words. This domain is very precious to me and has undergone many changes since I first had it 10+ years ago, and will probably undergo a few more in the next few years should I continue to have the means to maintain it.


This layout is version who knows anymore of Hidama.net and features Lee Taemin with lyrics to his song Rise. I made a layout similar to this before and wanted to try doing something like it again, and while it’s not as stylish and intricate as that particular layout was, I do really like how this turned out. I like the simplistic elegance of it and the color scheme came out beautifully. I’m really happy with it overall and plan to keep it up for a while :)


Portfolio: I have about 15+ years of graphic design skills under my belt, though they’re clearly diminishing, but I have all of my old website layout headers saved and have begun archiving them into a portfolio. It’s a daunting task but I wanted the mothersite of hidama.net to house them. I don’t know when I’ll finish this task, but for now it’s a project that I’m working on and you can access the portfolio through the navigation bar :)

Fanlistings: I used to have tons of fanlistings until they were all closed for inactivity when my domain was going through the brunt of some of my financial turmoil. I’ve since applied for some new ones and I intend to keep only a few this time around. It’s part of the fandom aspect I want to hold on to with this website, and another project I will be working on in addition to my others.