There aren’t many other websites on the falling star network, however, there are a few to go visit so here they are! I consider this to be the fandom part of the network since all outside websites are related to things I love.


Recovery Blog
Originally located here on the mothersite, I decided to move it over to its own little corner of the network. Basically, it’s a blog for me to post positive things for myself in my road to self love and recovery from my mental illness. It’s just for me to keep track of my recovery progress and have a safe place to go to when I’m feeling down, to see some positivity and affirmations.

character shrines

Lunar Shadow: A Yuna (FFX/X-2 Shrine)
I’ve had this shrine for almost ten years, and if you consider that I had one prior to opening this one for a couple more years… I’ve had it for about half of my life, give or take. Which is why I can’t part with it, despite never updating it. Whenever I look at it I feel so tempted to add some essays and other content to it but to do that, I would have to update some of the older content and basically put time into it that I don’t have. Still, I like to keep it around because it’s my baby and maybe some other people still visit. Even if they don’t, it’s my pride and joy and I’m not letting it go. Yuna is one of my all-time favorite characters and she embodies a large part of me that I cherish.


Miryoku: The Taguchi Junnosuke Fanlisting
This was adopted out to me by a previous owner, and it had quite a few members… until my domain was suspended and then my databases crashed and Enthusiast, the script I used for my fanlistings, decided not to cooperate when I wanted to update it. So I’ve started anew and we’ll see where that goes. Junno is a very favorite celebrity of mine, a now former member of the boygroup KAT-TUN, and despite his now former status… I still want a part of my website to be dedicated to him. Faves matter.

Blossom: The Jun Hyosung Fanlisting
Hyosung is amazing and she’s my favorite Korean soloist, so I mean… I had to. There was no previously existing one, so. I’m working on it.

Rebirth: The Misty Day (American Horror Story: Coven) Fanlisting
Re-opened after the database crash I endured. Misty is one of my all-time favorite characters and I identify with her very much, so having this fanlisting means a lot to me. In the future I’d like to do a little bit more with it, at the very least give it a nice layout, but we’ll see what time allows for.