I’ve been web and graphic designing for 14+ years. So, I’ve racked up quite a few website layouts since then. I’ve been meaning to set up a portfolio of sorts of all of the layouts I still have in order to showcase my growth as a graphic designer. While my skills aren’t as polished as they once were, I’ve still come a long way and I am very proud of all of my work from the very beginning until now. Each layout is like a diary entry, of sorts, in a variety of ways. So, I felt it important to share some of my own commentary and critiques of my own work.

Layouts are organized by website and in more or less chronological order, as best as I could and if it was possible. Each layout is listed as a small thumbnail link that opens in a new window so you can view the layout in question. Beneath each thumbnail is an explanation of the layout, including who/what is featured and a link to the song lyrics used (I would try to link to the translations I used but most sites are gone now, so a youtube link to the song will have to suffice). Feel free to browse around and enjoy laughing at my distant past and marveling at my most recent past.

Also, images are not watermarked because I don’t have the time and I want to showcase the layouts as they are. I do this in good faith, so if you decide to steal something or re-use it, it’s on you.

Faded Beauty
Hidama.net (First Incarnation)
Hidama.net (Second Incarnation)
Hall of Fame