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My second domain, which was bought in late 2004, so as many layouts as there were for… yeah. I changed them a lot. In any case, I used these lyrics before but wanted to try something ~different~ so here we have multiple FF couples being torn away from each other because I was angsty. I was also apparently obsessed with doing swirls in Photoshop, ripped paper edges with a glow, and generally failing with font placement. But I liked it, in any case.

I Need You

Some layouts are missing, so this is version 3, apparently. In any case, it’s one of those purple surreal dreamlike ones that’s kinda sloppy and messy looking but still kinda nice? Idk. I was experimenting with different textures and erasing and stuff at this time, too, so that played a role here. I really don’t remember this one, truthfully, and looking at it isn’t giving me many feelings.

Near You

Beatrix and Steiner are a cute canon couple that I was a much bigger fan of at the time than now (still love them, but they aren’t a fave). I actually like this, I think the colors are pretty and the main text is nice and shiny. An updated throwback to the old blog layouts I used to do, too, so there’s another win. Not my best, but one of my personal favorites.


This was another layout that came from someone telling me to do something different. So I did and I didn’t like it at all lmao it was okay but I was never too find of these tiny window overflow scrollbar tables. So yeah. not much to say.

Inner Universe

I was obsessed with doing these swirly things in Photoshop. Tbh this is actually a pretty good design. I was happy with it then and I’m happy with it now, I think it was interesting and different and the lyrics I used are some of my all-time favorites so, win-win.


I did a Sokai layout with Simple and Clean lyrics before but not like this. This one is much nicer, cleaner, prettier colors, actual screenshots, yeah. One of many Sokai layouts, as you will see in the future. Ripped paper edges, of course, yeah. I was getting better at text placement, too.


I think these are lyrics to Ayumi Hamasaki’s Powder Snow and that was the premise of this whole layout, I just wanted to make something with those lyrics. So I came up with this. It’s pretty basic, but the blending is nice. Text is not so nice, but I was working on it.


Two layouts are labeled version 10, I assume one was for the main website and one for a blog but I honestly do not know at this point. In any case, Evanescence lyrics. Yeah. Lots of trends, but I believe there are grunge dots on this one, something pretty popular at the time but I always did my own take on them. Not much to say, really. I made so many layouts at this time, very few of them had sentimental value.

Save Me

I mean, I never used Bring Me To Life lyrics on a layout so why not do it now, I guess? I don’t know but I do like this, I’m not sure how I did the background of the header but I did it a lot and I do ike how it looks. I just could’ve blended the girls in better and done the font better, but alas. Skills weren’t that great then. I rememeber I made this one for New Year’s Eve 2005, I think? Probably. So, yeah, it’s an 11 year old layout. Wows.

Breathe No More

The first of many Chii layouts, apparently. I like this, though, but the image was a scan from an artbook and was ripped down the center so trying to cover that up was hard. So I tried making it grungy to cover it up or at least distract from it. It looked nice, though, I remember. And… more Evanescence lyrics. Oh.

I Will Fall In Love Again

Because I’m a Girl is a Korean song with 934839 covers, and I was obsessed with them at the time, so this layout was created from that obsession. So I used my go-to Rikku screencaps and well, here we are. Same style as many layouts of the time. Ripped paper edges… yada yada…

Fade Away

Bradley Hand Script or whatever. Ah. Grunge dots, vibrant colors, decent blending, terrible text placement. Not a bad layout but it’s not really memorable. I don’t know what I was going for other than just creating something because that’s what I did at the time. No thoughts about it in retrospect.

Let Me Come to You

I made this on at my grandmother’s house while my cousin bothered me so the fact that it came out nicely is a miracle. I was experimenting with lots of things, which is always nice to look back on and see to compare to how my skills have grown since. Milestone layout? Maybe. It’s not so drastically different from prior layouts but I put more effort into making it nicer and using more skill. The text is still messy like always, but I did something different with the tables and the colors are nice. I still really like it.

Not My Time

Eyyy Madonna lyrics, good ones, too. I was experimenting again with the whole selection tool border to make it look kinda grungy and work in progress-y. I think if I were to re-make this layout I’d do more, add the checkered background in places and stuff like that. But that’s retrospective thinking. It’s nice, though, I mean it’s basic but it’s nice.

Forgive Me

Eh, I’m not sure the reasoning behind this one, I know I loved the image of Freya, but beyond that I’m not sure why I went this rought with it. The web layout portion of it is all I like, I can remember that it did look nice from that perspective, and the text trailing down the side of the sidebar was pretty cool.


Experimenting with all those swirly things in Photoshop led to a lot of layouts featuring them. I think this one is okay but the two artworks don’t match and they kinda get lost in the background. The text is okay, I was getting a little better at using different fonts and placing them nicely. But it’s okay. Not my worst.

Leaving Here Tonight

So as I mentioned before, I made many a layout with Evanescence – Anywhere lyrics and Tidus and Yuna. This one adds lyrics to Ev’s Before the Dawn because I wanted to be extra sappy. I do like it, though, I think as far as my Tidus and Yuna layouts go it might be the best one. Sloppy as it is, font heavy as it is, still good.

My Only

Blobby blue layouts! My specialty. But I liked these images of Rinoa so I made this. It wasn’t up for very long, I remember, but beyond that I don’t remember much. Nor can I say much about it.

Walk Away

Why did I make so many Chii layouts, I don’t know. Bu this one was an experiment in web layout designs and how this one would flush from the side and overflow into a table with a scrollbar. Or something. I don’t remember how it worked out or looked, but it was an experiment and nothing much more.

Dream Again

Nightwish lyrics now, wow, okay. More angsty Tidus and Yuna layouts, though, ah. But this one is nice, I guess. The blending is a bit sloppy and I know that on an older monitor, it didn’t look quite as blobby, but well that happens. I don’t really remember this one that much, though.


The return of the meshy brush with angry lyrics! Eyyyy. I was bored and missed the look, so I did it a little differently. Not much to say other than that. It was just a litte experiment, probably driven by anger about something. Teen angst.


I don’t know what filter that is with the squares with the light filtered between them, but I used it a lot for texture around this time, I’m noticing. In any case, I remember this layout pretty fondly. I liked the way the overall design looked as a website layout, with the diagnonal header and the sidebar being higher than the main table. The header itself is pretty basic, I don’t remember putting a whole lot of thought into it, I just wanted to use these lyrics on a layout and, well. I did.

Be With You

I was experimenting with swirls and blending and it just came out like a blob, really. Good idea, poor execution, but all in all I kind of like it? Although I don’t remember it much.

Devil Inside

I actually really like tis one. It’s dark and grungy and wow, I did something different with the edges and it’s actually kinda neat looking. The background could’ve been more interesting than just plain black but overall I think it’s pretty cool.

Unseen Wings

One of my favorites. It’s not particularly good but the web layout design was nice, I remember the actual background that I used was also nice, and the text, the textures, I just like it a lot. A milestone layout in my memory and development.


I don’t have much to say about this. It was plain and basic and the header? Is pretty messy and could’ve been done much better. I don’t think I used it for too long.


I don’t hate this one but if you can even see Tifa and Cloud in here, it’s a miracle. I used those butterflies on a lot of layouts, too. PSP picture tubes, I believe. The web layout design was nice, I remember it looked really pretty, but the header itself is kind of a mess. The swirls are pretty, though.


Okay so, this one is actually a favorite of mine. Monitor differences and vibrant colors be damned, the image being washed out in places, eh. But I liked this one a lot. The design was really nice and the header was cute. The text was also not too bad. Generally, it’s a fave of mine.


I like this one a lot if only because it’s browna nd green and uses all sorts of different, neutral colors. The text was pretty cool and having images of Rinoa overlaid onto the bigger image is kinda neat. The fact that the lyrics match the images helps, too. I didn’t often do that. Still don’t.


Second layout labeled version 34, so I don’t really know what happened there but I remember I’d made ths a long time ago before even using it, so I had to make some small changes so I could use it and then ended up not using it for very long anyway. I like it, though, mostly for the colors. I didn’t do green very often.


I wanted something very digital and Al Bhed-like, so this was my take on that. But with swirls and lightning and random Kanji and I don’t know. But it looked nice, despite the vibrant pink blob it is. I even overlaid some binary code to make it look ~digital~ which, in hindsight, would’ve been cooler if I’d done it to parts of the images of Yuna, just filled with binary code as if it were loading. Pixels and binary code. Ideas for future layouts? Ha.


I like this one a lot, purely for the colors and I remember I had it up around the time I started high school. High school wasn’t great for me but a lot of my layouts from this point on started to gain more meaning as I grew up. Whether or not I’ll talk about that a lot, I don’t know, but this one is a milestone of sorts in that it’s one I vividly remember, and it led to more meaningful layouts despite this one not really having a meaning, itself.

Fly Away

More use of some random stock images, I guess. But I like this one, lots of experimenting with layout styles and shapes. I’m not especially attached to it but I like it.


I like this one. More experimenting with different shapes, this time with the header, so this happened. The lines are clean and the tables are aligned nicely, though I still hadn’t gotten any better with text placement. But I like it for experiments’ sake.

Cold Heritage

Continuing the trend of blobby blue layouts, here we are at this one. I like it but I didn’t spend much time polishing it. If I had, it would’ve been better. But we’re at layout 41, within the space of a year, so you can imagine how most of these layouts were just made for the sake of being made–practice, really. I do like it, though, for what it is. The colors mostly. I was getting better at that at this point.

I Believe in You

I didn’t number this one, so it’s just going below the rest. Not my best, not my worst, lots of playing with layer masks and filters, though. I think the image looks really washed out but I wasn’t sure how to fix it at that point.

Kagi ga Akanai

This was a layout for an mp3 rotation I had called Tengoku. I was super into the movie Ju-On and the song that plays in the ending credits really struck me, and there was no translation of it around anywhere so I just used the romanized lyrics. I tried to mimic the trailer to The Grudge, I think, with the text placement and repetition, a bigger more hidden version of the lines lurking behind the more visible ones. I liked this a lot, including the awkward placement of the Lulu art. It was better suited as a blog layout, I think, but I wanted to use it for this site instead, I guess.