Not Alone

Features: Some anime girl
Lyrics: Lacuna Coil – Humane
About: So, a lot of layouts were lost from this domain. Like, all of them. All I have left are a handful from my blog entitled Rokujou (Japanese for “the six emotions”), and most of those are also lost so. Yeah. Starting off we have this one, I wanted something dark and plain to start off with. I think it was a temporary layout, I don’t know. It’s pretty basic, I don’t have much to say about it. I will say, though, that my layouts did get significanly better around this point.

You’re The Reason I Have to Stay

Features: Aerith and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Lyrics: Within Temptation – Pale
About: This is one of my favorites. It’s not the greatest but it’s got nice coloring, blending, and my Clerith heart all over the floor. I liked this one a lot and whenever I listen to Pale, I always think of this layout, it’s a strong association. I was inspired so greatly by the song that this layout was created and I still think about it all the time.


Features: Characters from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Passion
About: A Kingdom Hearts layout, weeeee. I like this one a lot. The opening to KH2 had just come out, I believe, and I was deeply affected and just had to. I had to. And it turned out quite nicely. Kinda blobby but if you look closely you can see all the different aspects of it, and this was the point where that started becoming more of a thing. My layouts are things you have to look at to really see, and here’s one of the first nice blob layouts. I guess that’s what I’m calling it.

Don’t Cry

Features: Various Final Fantasy couples
Lyrics: Guns N Roses – Don’t Cry
About: A very sentimental layout, and very important to me. A milestone in many ways, as “nice blob”-ish as it is. Look closely to see each detail. Monitor differences take away a lot from the colors and the depth, but there’s a lot happening and I really love this one. It’s not the best but it’s not the worst, either.

Nobody’s Perfect

Features: Some anime girl
Lyrics: Madonna – Nobody’s Perfect
About: Much in the vein of previous layouts but with some slight changes, like a stark glow instead of a shadow around the edges, but the text is still lost in the image and it’s blobby. But that’s fine. There was a sentimental meaning within this one but it’s not really worth mentioning.

I Hear You Everywhere

Features: Chii from Chobits
Lyrics: Tanaka Rie – I Hear You Everywhere
About: One of my all-time favorites. The colors, the textures, I did each image of Chii separately and then implemented them into the main background of the header. I just, I don’t know, there’s a sentimental meaning to it and I just adore the colors. The text is a lot better in places, too, and I was getting better at utilizing filters as texture. I’m still very much in love with this one.