Hidama.net – First Incarnation

Flavor of Life

Features: Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Flavor of Life
About: So the first incarnation of Hidama.net was dressed up in this layout. As such, it was kind of thrown together so it’s nothing special. I don’t have much to say about it, it’s kind of blobby and boring, the greyscale didn’t help much–I didn’t really understand the importance of the Color blending mode for greyscale images, or using Lighten to give a hint of color. That said, it was nice for what it was. It worked.

Before the Dawn

Features: Sora, Kairi, Roxas, and Namine from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Evanescence – Before the Dawn
About: This one is much in the vein of the Kairi “Infection” layout but done in a film strip style. Why I chose Evanescence lyrics again, I don’t know, but they do sort of fit with these two pairings. I liked this a lot when it was up and I believe I kept it up for quite some time. I was very proud of it and the actual web layout design was very clean and nice, well-centered for most screen resolutions at the time, that sort of thing. It turned out quite nice.

I Can’t Wait

Features: Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2
Lyrics: Stevie Nicks – I Can’t Wait
About: The trend with using these images of Rikku to experiment continues. I remember getting a lot of compliments on this, actually. People really liked it. As do I. It’s different, it’s colorful, it’s a big messy but it’s nice. I used images of trees as a texture, I think, I can’t remember, but I’ve done that a lot since then so I think this may have been the first time I’d done that. As well as the first time I’d played around with blending modes and colors. I like it a lot, I think it was a fun layout.

Last Heartbreak

Features: Kairi and Sora from Kingdom Hearts
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Sakura Drops
About: This is a really sentimental layout, primarily as far as the lyrics go, but I won’t be going into that. It’s a pretty basic blog layout, although this was for the main site on hidama.net. I think I was going to use it as a blog layout and opted otherwise. Much like many otherl ayouts during this time, it’s got some grungy textures with elegant text, nice colors, ripped paper edges, the usual. Not very special aside from its little sentimental meaning to me.


Features: Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Fleetwood Mac – Gypsy
About: Now. I did not know then what I know now, about the word “G*psy” being a slur. I was using lyrics to a Fleetwood Mac song, which I feel Stevie Nicks probably wasn’t aware of the word as a slur, either. Let’s just get that out of the way first. Because I really do adore this layout. I used my own handwriting and doodles to make it my own, make it home made, and I really love that I put so much effort into a layout so simple. I loved it so much it stayed up until the domain was closed in 2008, after a year of existence. Is it a great layout? No. But its one of my personal favorites despite everything, because it’s my own. I’d like to do soemthing like this again one day.


Features: Axel from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Lacuna Coil – Half-Life
About: This was a layout for my blog, Arcana, as are all the layouts that follow. I’m not sure where versions 1 andd 2 are, but here we are. And more film strips, but this was a little experiment I had, to have a scrolling sidebar within a table. All in all it was a pretty cool layout, but there’s not much to say about it. It’s pretty basic, a little sentimental, it was also an experiment with fiery textures which I’ve never quite gotten down.

Crystal Visions

Features: Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2
Lyrics: Fleetwood Mac – Dreams
About: A typical blog layout, really, but it bears lyrics to my favorite song so I like it a little more than I might have otherwise. Honestly, if you have noticed anything in the progression of my layouts, my current obsessions are all over them, ha. So I made this. Not much to say, it could’ve been better but it was just a nice blog layout I made after having the sam one for a while, probably.

Moody Heart

Features: Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Making Love
About: This was more of a sentimental layout than one made for actual design’s sake but it’s… all right. Not the best. Not really good at all. It was me trying to sort of recreate my favorite Infection layout in a new way, but not nearly as well. So that’s all there really is to say about it.


Features: Tifa and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Lyrics: Ayumi Hamasaki – Dearest
About: I’m not sure when or where I used this but it’s significant because it is the continuation of the film strip trend you’ll see in many future layouts. As well as the use of the lilies from FFVII Advent Children, and the foggy, rainy window surreal like look I was going for with the header bg. It’s something I did often and still love to play around with because it looks pretty cool. Messy, could be cleaner, but I like it a lot. I may have actually made this for a friend, or maybe I used it myself, I’m not sure. I can’t recall for my life.

The Heart In Me

Features: Victoria Frances artwork
Lyrics: Within Temptation – All I Need
About: A little experiment in the type of web layout I like to use a lot, with the scrollbar falling from the top directly to the side of the header from which the blog table falls from beneath. I made the header image itself sort of separated from the tables, and the sidebar has a shadow under it. So, basically, I was going for a 3D effect of sorts, to have it looking like it was all laid out on a table with some pretty ugly striped table cloth. The image I used is a Victoria Frances artwork and it’s one of my favorites, as are these lyrics so this is special to me in that way.


Features: Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi
About: Similar to the Crystal Visions layout, featuring the same FFX-2 scene, there aren’t too many differences aside from particular image choice, coloring, and lyrics. Plagiarized myself. But I wasn’t really going for anything special here, I just wanted to experiment with using the actual Japanese lyrics to Utada Hikaru’s “Kotoba ni Naranai Kimochi” (Feeling I Can’t Put Into Words) onto the layout. I think it looks really nice and contrasts well with the English translated bits. It’s not a bad layout, just nothing special.


Features: Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Ai Otsuka – Planetarium
About: One of my favorites. I used some special filter that I downloaded to make the ripple but I can’t remember what it was, or find it again, but it came out beautifully. The blog also apparently got renamed to Chasms, so there’s that. The filmstrip is kind of lazily blended into the background and really could’ve been done better. But in eiter case, this is a favorite of mine. The colors, the way it faded into the background at the edges, the lyrics, the image choices, I just adore it all despite its flaws.

Silver Springs

Features: Aerith from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
Lyrics: Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs
About: This one has a lot of sentimental value despite its sloppiness. The text is actually quite nice, but the way the image blends into the texture realy isn’t that nice looking. But, as I said, its origins were of sentimental value and not so much for design’s sake.

Stand Back

Features: Some anime girl
Lyrics: Stevie Nicks – Stand Back
About: I like this one a lot because the header consists of different areas of the image cloned to make up the textures and the background of the header. There are other textures that look washed out on my monitor now, but at the time it was a bit different. It was also of sentimental value, as these lyrics are very special to me. This and the last layout both came from the same place, explaining why they’re both blue, probably. That and I just happen to like blue layouts.

Jealous Angel

Features: Riku from Kingdom Hearts
Lyrics: Utada Hikaru – Devil Inside
About: This was the first layout for my Riku shrine, Arcane Reverie, and it’s one of my favorites. It turned out to be really nice and looked great as a web layout. The colors and images popped a bit more on the monitor I had when I made it originally, it looks a bit washed out in places on my current one, but other than that it was a pretty solid layout that I was proud of. Nice textures and blending, and the text in the black strips was an image map for the navigation. I was very happy with this and I still love it.

Blue Eyes

Features: Riku from Kingdom Hearts II
Lyrics: Within Temptation – All I Need
About: Very similar in style to my Kairi layout, I wanted something like it for my Riku shrine because the previous layout had been up for a while. This was up until I closed the site about a year or so later, which I honestly regret because the files are all lost now and I’d have loved to keep it open along with my Yuna shrine just… for sentimental purposes. The layout itself is pretty nice, it’s basic but not bad basic. It’s good for what it is.

Black Widow

Features: Yuna from Final Fantasy X
Lyrics: Within Temptation – Forsaken
About: This was the first layout of my Yuna shrine, which I still love a lot. It got many compliments for being dark and creepy and different, and that makes me happy. LS still exists and has had many layout changes but only this one really warrants an appearance in my portfolio.