Real Face

Yasashii-Ame.net was inspired by a line in a KAT-TUN song, so it’s only fitting that the first layout be KAT-TUN. I’m actually really proud of this one. It was an idea very well-executed and while the filmstrip thing never actually looked like filmstrips, I think it worked better here than most other layouts. And, again, this was actually the first blog layout. I believe the only things I have left of Y-A.net at the moment are blog layouts, which are muc more plentiful in any case.


And so begins a slew of layouts of Taguchi Junnosuke, because he was my bias at the time and there were so many beautiful pictures of him that I just went crazy. So. Here’s the first, and it’s pretty basic. I like the web design of it, it was clean and looked really nice. But it’s generally really… basic, like I said. Similar swirly textures I got used to making and using in Photoshop, some actually decent text, lyrics to KAT-TUN’s Distance because I loved that Junno had a lot of lines in the song. Yeah. Plus I liked the lyrics. So there’s that, a nice blue not-so-blobby layout for once.

Prisoner of Love

I really like this one, actually. The image is a little awkwardly angled but other than that, it has nice coloring and text–I believe this was my own translation of the lyrics, too, if I’m remembering correctly. But in any case, these are lyrics to Utada Hikaru’s Prisoner of Love which is one of my all-time favorites, so that gives me a little bit of a bias here. No shame. I liked this one a lot, one of my usual giant layouts full of text and color and I never make pink layouts so, that in itself says quite a bit.

Dying Ember

I’m not so keen on this one. It’s much like an older layout of a Victoria Frances artwork that I did, like pretty much exactly the same (plagiarized myself, etc.) but it’s nice. I don’t know, ha, I liked the picture of Junno at the time, I guess, which I don’t really now. Eh.

Deep Darkness

I love this one. I was experimenting with different styles and this image was a good one to do that with. It’s a bit strange and abstract and weird, but that’s what I do. Could’ve been executed better and perhaps in the future, I’ll try something like this again but for the most part, at the time, I adored how it came out.

I Will

An Ueda layout instead of a Junno one, wow, shock. But no I like this one. Basic, really, but elegant and nicely colored. The text is pretty nice, but the Japanese portions aren’t very seemless. Besides that, I like it, though. But it’s elusive because I’m not sure when I had it up or for how long or anything. I don’t even remember when I made it. It’s strange.

Love in the Ice

This was kind of an experiment in two ways. One, the starfield as I had just learned to make them at the time (now I overuse them…) and two, I used some of my own handwritten lyrics like I had done in a layout previously. Didn’t work out so well on either front, to be honest, the stars kinda saturate the whole ting but it’s not that bad, I guess. Just another blue Tidus and Yuna layout to add to my portfolio.


Well I really love this one. I can see some flaws and how I could’ve done this better, but I like it as-is. Again, these lyrics mean a lot to me and Changmin was another bias of mine at this time when I was much more into Kpop boy bands than I am now. These pictures are super nice, though, and they were very easy to work with. I’d also discovered the usefulness of the Lighten blending mode and how much of a change can be made, subtly, with color. But yeah, in any case, I liked it a lot. Especially the striped background.

Pieces of You

Another blobfish layout! Blobbiness everywhere but that’s okay. I was going for that surreal blending thing, and I liked this a lot. I don’t know why it was pink but it was and it is and I still like it a lot. I really don’t have much to say about it, other than it’s Utada Hikaru with lyrics to Epik High’s “Pieces of You” which are two of my favorite things so… Yeah. I like this one.

Purple Line

So I spent many an hour in Photoshop working to make the purple lines in this layout match the ones in the video to the song Purple Line, I’m just sayin. And that’s all I can say. I liked this layout a lot because it took a lot of effort, thoug the textures are awkward I think they add to it whatever it was I needed to add. The purple lines were a really nice touch and are an example of how well I’m capable of doing things when I put forth a lot of effort. I’m not such a big DBSK fan anymore, but at the time I was and this layout meant a lot to me.


Another boyband layout. My obsessions are showing. In any case, this was a rainbow layout! Of SHINee! Something I never really tried before but it worked well with this one. I really love the lyrics to Love Like Oxygen, and the song as well. So I wanted to make a layout-equivalent to the colorfulness of the video as a sort of tribute to it, I guess is what I was going for? I dont know but I like it. It’s a bit washed out in places because of the texture but, monitor issues. I can’t remember if it looked better on other monitors or not.

Why I Like You

I guess this was intended to be a throwback to my Tidus and Yuna layouts, but a lot of my layouts looked like this at the time, so… I don’t know. But I like it anyway. It’s not blue, it’s got nice textures, the blending is nice, the text is done well, and these are some of my favorite lyrics, sappy as they are. So that’s all I really have to say about it. I was a layout born from inspiration from a song, rather than a layout made for the sake of making one, and those are some of my better layouts.

Storms on Jupiter

This was a hefty doozy of a layout. But I love it so much still, one of my best for sure. I thought these images were really beautiful so I wanted to do something really nice with them. I think this started out with me just playing around with one of them, adding textures and color and I liked how it came out and decided to do the same with two other images. Then I put them all together and this was the result. I really love the way the textures came out, and the text could’ve popped a bit more but I didn’t want to take away from the images. So I mean, yeah. I love this layout to bits, as huge as it was and as MUCH as it was, I love it.


So this one is pretty nice. I’m drawing blanks with it for some reason, though. But looking at the lyrics, I know this was a very meaningful layout for me in terms of the message of it. I believe this was around 2009-2010, which was a rough couple of years for me, feeling like I was never going to move forward with my life. This song and video helped me through that a lot, so that’s where the inspiration came from for this one, undoubtedly.

Lost Dove

In November 2009, the Korean model Daul Kim comitted suicide. She was only 20 years old, I recall. It struck me a lot and I still think about her around that time of year, and sometimes just in general. She was a beautiful person and a beautiful soul. So I made this layout as a tribute to her, with lyrics that I felt really fitting. It’s a simplistic layout in style, I never realized how often I did that ripped paper edges thing and how often I still do it to this day, but that’s irrelevant here. What’s important is the words and the woman in the header. And that’s all I can say about that, this is a very sentimental and meaningful layout as it was my tribute to someone who deserved much better than the short life she lived. Rest in peace, Daul Kim.

Make Believe

So this is one of my better layouts by far, and as such I’ve recycled it in different ways many times. And this version is actually the second incarnation, this one being the first. This one was obviously much better in terms of color and text choice–which is why I changed it, the original coloring bothered me really quickly as a layout. As great as this layout is, I’ve overused it due to it being so good and I lack much to say about it. But what made it so great is really the dimension that it has, the universe-like qualities it has with the swirls and the stars and how the text fades in and out. I’m just really proud of it overall.


This was an experiment that turned out pretty well. I made the render in a program called Apophysis and decided to try out making a header by blending images into it. I love the way it turned out for the most part, it required a lot of erasing and cutting the images out, fading, and blending. The issue I had with it, though, was the background. It was so textured and so big that it caused loading issues–it took so long to load. So while it did turn out beautifully, unfortunately the internet–at least mine–couldn’t handle it. But I love it a lot, I would go so far as to say that this point in time was when I made some of the best layouts I’ve ever made and this is one of them.

Time Stands Frozen

Clearly my text placement skills got a lot better around this time, too, because I really like how that turned out on this layout. The blending of the images, though, could’ve been better. They’re really washed out and the texture took over a ot more than I wanted it to. But it’s what it is and I like it for what it is.


Instead of using lyrics, I used lines from Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” because the music video the images came from reminded me so much of it. Really, this layout is just images blended together with some text but I love the aesthetic of the video so much that I didn’t want to mess with it too much–I wanted it to stand out for itself, with all those greys, blacks, and reds, and the paleness of other elements bringing it all together. It’s very simple but I like it a lot.


This by far is my best layout. Every element is hand-created, from the gravestone tables to the background, the header, the cutouts of Jack and the Pumpkin, it’s all 100% me. This was a Halloween layout that I spent a lot of time on, probably a month’s worth of work altogether over a period of weeks. My goal was to make the header look like the butterfly in a bottle that Sally made for Jack, with the green fog coming out and many hours were spent with the smudging and liquifying tools to get the desired effect, which was very successful overall. Blending the images into it and doing the text worked out really well, also, and just in general I am not proud of any layout more than I am of this one. And I haven’t done better since, and that doesn’t bother me at all.


Fire-type layouts are very hard for me to make, so this was my take on it. And I love how it turned out. The process was an evolutionary one as it looked very different in the beginning. But the final product is by far the better form of it from the many different forms there were prior to this one. The text was the most challenging part, really, trying to line it all up nicely and make sense. I’ve actually recycled this layout as a temp layout at one point because I liked it so much.

It’s All In My Head

The lyrics to Utada Hikaru’s Show Me Love really struck me, because I related so heavily to them–and I still do. So I came up with this little abstract layout using Super Junior’s It’s You music video stills. Why, I don’t know, I just like pairing things together that don’t really go together but look nice. I like abstract things and things that sort of contradict, too. I like putting things together that have a lot of meaning to me. These types of layouts are more like diary entries, really, and they’ve become more common since this one. At the time, this layout was basically me pairing things together that I loved, that meant a lot to me, and that’s why I love this one.

Foolish Love

The Korean drama Secret Garden was a huge obsession of mine at the time, so naturally… this had to happen. I wanted te colors to match a certain important element of the drama. I also used both versions of “That Woman/Man” to kind of capture the feelings of both characters and, just, it’s just a big obsessive tribute to the drama, honestly. I had so many feelings about it that looking at this makes me want to watch it again for the first time in years.


A successful experimental layout. And yet ripped paper edges still made their way here :)))) That’s fine. But I had this concept in mind for a while so making it happen was really fun and it made me really happy to have this product turn out so well. Especially the background. It’s hard to see in just this image, but it was my usual “stretchy stripes” background but with a pixel overlay to make it look kind digitalized. I had a lot of fun with this and it’s not THE BEST thing ever but I rarely have fun making layouts, yet I did with this one.

Glowing Darkness

Another experimental layout based on one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts ships, Riku and Xion. I used lyrics to two different Xandria songs because… I could, I guess. I was practicing making nebula looking things so I came up with this, faded in some images of Riku and Xion, added some dark rainbow colors and bam. I had this up for a while if I recall correctly as I loved it that much. I remember it looking a lot better on my old laptop so you may or may not see it the way it was intended–it looks much brighter on my current computer. But all the same, it’s still a favorite of mine and I love it a lot.

Never-Ending Story

The Dark Crystal is one of my favorite films of all-time so I wanted to make a layout of it, naturally. I chose lyrics to Within Temptation’s Never-Ending Story because TDC is a timeless tale and it fits Jen and Kira perfectly. I never usually make green layouts but it was Spring time when I made this, I remember, so I wanted to honor the newfound and welcomed greenness outside through this layout, too, plus it was just a nice change from the previous dark layout. I really just love this so much still. It’s simple but elegant.

Into The Void

I was very big into Doctor Who at the time, and I shipped River and Eleven quite a lot. I made this around the time they had their first kiss, as one might notice it’s in there rather prominently. I like this layout a lot but I could’ve blended the images in so much more nicely if I’d messed around with Lighten or something but it’s fine. I was practicing making planets and starfields at that point so I wanted to incorporate them into a layout and voila~ Leaves’ Eyes lyrics are always appreciated, too, especially this particular song.


More obessive ship layouts, more Leaves’ Eyes lyrics… fun times. I love Syfy’s Alice a lot and I really loved Alice and Hatter’s relationship, so what did I do back in the day… I made a layout. I wanted to use lots of pretty pastel colors and I put in some renders I made in Apophysis and just had fun with it. Tbh I’m pretty sure I still use the pattern I made for this layout for like… most of my newer layouts oops but in any event, I like how this layout turned out. It’s a bit on the messy side, not super polished, but the blending is good and the text is nice.

Dream of a Doll

So I was feeling the lyrics to Loveholic’s Dream of a Doll and wanted to make a layou that exemplified them. So I turned to some Victoria Frances art, as I tend to with more experimental layouts, and had some fun with image positioning and cropping and blending modes and such. I also used some images of trees that I believe I found on Google, along with some pretty flowers to place in the corners. This layout holds a special place in my heart because the lyrics really resonate with me and I like how this layout turned out a lot. It was complicated to make but it came out looking like a nice, simple layout and it was very easy on the eyes.

Come My Way

I had just finished a new game of FFX-2 and was feeling inspired so I came up with this cute Rikku layout. I had fun with textures and patterns, making them look a bit like the menu buttons in the game, and I blended out the images rather nicely. The text came out beautifully, which is a rare feat for me most days, and everything fell into place pretty easily from what I can recall. I had this up for quite a while.

Cast Your Spell

This was a temporary layout because I had an idea brewing that wasn’t ready to be fully realized yet and the last one was up for a while and I got bored. So I did what I do best and threw together current obsessions–Eunhyuk and Aenima–and called it a day. It looked nice, though, as a layout overall but it is a bit messy and weird looking when you only look at the header. Eh.

Enter The Forest

This was one of my favorite layouts and it’s unfortunate that it looks so dark and lost on my current computer because it looked fantastic on my old laptop. How it looks for you is a mystery to me, but rest assured it is actually very beautiful on some computers out there. I used pictures of dark, dead forests and blnded images of Riku in, darkened his eyes, put in some eerie looking orbs, I had a lot of fun with this layout. I believe it was a Halloween layout, if I’m remembering right, so I wanted to make it as spooky as possible. I used more Aenima lyrics, Aenima being an obscure band that I like a lot, and ah it all just fell into place so nicely, I’m so sad it doesn’t hold up to its original beauty on all computers.

Beautiful Beast

This layout had two different versions–just in terms of text/lyrics–so I’ll talk about them separately because their differences are important. So, I was really into American Horror Story and while I really don’t ship “Violate” anymore for what may be obvious reasons if you’ve seen the first season of AHS, but I shipped it hard at the time. Not particularly proud of that but I got roped in by the 6th episode of the show. Anyway. Before I’d gotten really far into the show, I made the layout with these lyrics because I felt they really had a beauty and the beast kind of vibe and in hindsight, they do, so I used lyrics to Stevie Nicks’ Beauty and the Beast. I used purple and green because 1) I love that color scheme and 2) I felt it fit their relationship in some weird way, I don’t know. I do like this layout a lot, though, in terms of blending, text, and color scheme. Just maybe not the subject matter.

Pieces of You

So this was the second version with lyrics to Epik High’s Pieces of You. I felt it fit them better, and it does, but I also really hate this ship now so it pains me. The text on this version is much more subtle and I guess I like that, I don’t know. I think the placement on the text areas at the bottom is nice but I think the text on the last one was a bit nicer in general.